multxpert R package

Available on CRAN.

The multxpert R package provides an implementation of commonly used p-value-based and parametric multiple testing procedures (computation of adjusted p-values and simultaneous confidence intervals) and parallel gatekeeping procedures based on the methodology presented in the book “Multiple Testing Problems in Pharmaceutical Statistics” (edited by Alex Dmitrienko, Ajit C. Tamhane and Frank Bretz) published by Chapman and Hall/CRC Press 2009.

Mediana R package

Available on CRAN.

The Mediana R package provides a general framework for clinical trial simulations based on the Clinical Scenario Evaluation (CSE) approach. The package supports a broad class of data models (including clinical trials with continuous, binary, survival-type and count-type endpoints as well as multivariate outcomes that are based on combinations of different endpoints), analysis strategies and commonly used evaluation criteria.

For more information visit the Mediana R package website.